Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tattoos are scars with no stories

It does not matter if you don't have a topic to write about when feel like it .. I love the fact that even a little scar on my body has a story or a sweet/bitter memory associated with it..Some make me smile and the some with bitter ties to them make me muse over how eventful and lively my life has been and how much I have learnt( and undone that knowledge) in my life. I recurrently have an itch to get a tattoo done but never really liked anything soo much that I get it imprinted on my body.. I think it is cool to have a tattoo but I need somethign I would keep for life . Dont strongly feel about religion, nature, culture, me or anything else around ..jeez.. shudnt I be passionate about something .. world peace, patriotism, shahrukh .. anything .. anythign at all ..

Frankly it is just body art, like clothes, ear rings, colored hair, hair cuts, watches , shoes .. just a tattoo .. I will wait until I find my tattoo :D

Funky sagittarian sign, something in sanskrit( I know, Devanagari) script, simply a cute red heart ..ideas ppl ?..

Monday, October 08, 2007


Lots of tidbits I wanted to write about and might (or most likely not) expand on (considering my history).
Firstly .. YAY ! we finally 1-1 ( won -one : Ya , expect some more cheesiness on the way) match of this India - Aus series. After kickign some serious Kangaroo ass in the T20 we got royal raped in the first 2 matches. Highlight : Symonds Wicket ! RP! u saved ur seat for the subsequent games.

I strongly profess letting the younger bunch of players play all the ODIs. I know , all you die-hard fans of Ganguly, Dravid and Sachin will be racing to say something to their defense. But games like this where we need our players to be not deterred by the aussie aggression - only the young guns can withstand. I see no fear, no pressure in these young chaps. RP dint stumble when it looked as if the aussies were going to rule yet again today -and trust me ( those who dint watch the match) it was not sheer luck. Uttappa ( and Dhoni ( blush hehe) to some extent ) is one more example - the pressure doesnt just seem to get to their heads. Doesnt seem to affect their games - infact makes them more focussed. I long ago stopped trusting Sachin & Ganguly. Dravid was someone who cud keep his cool somewhat.

All I want to say is .. get rid of the 30+ recruit some more young guys. And, Dhoni pls cut your hair!

And yes some more useless information : If anyone saw the first ODI washed away in Bangalore - I was right behind the poster which read "Windia vs Losstralia" :D

So the first point I wanted to "mention".. I went off on a rant.. thats me :D

For those bloggers who are also book readers - 2 books I really liked recently ..
The Kite Runner - Hosseini and Undici minuti ( Eleven minutes ) Paulo Coehlo. U shud try them if you havent already!

& for the movie lovers - I like the movie "Life in a .. Metro". If thats how city life is .. its scary! but really well made movie. I totally commend all the actors. Konkona! you plain ROCK!

I am tending to go tangentially so I will sign off now - One final thing : I am loving this trip of mine back home - really loving the cricket mania. I guess thats something which doesnt change in an Indian !

Good food ( on weekends), lots of crappy movies , tons of cricket and not so serious work & ofcourse US pay :D What else can I ask for! :D ...I know ! Enuf to make ANYONE Jealous!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

On a happier note - Hurray ! We are the world T20 champions :) I am so proud of our real young team. World champs after 24 years ..

Cricket is all about strategy. T20 was a faster, more strategic format but did luck have more than a cameo role ? That last ball of Juginder for Misbah straight into Shreesants hands ?? just 1 ball to decide who won the championship ? Most of the matches we saw were real close matches..some teams with bad strategies were obviously thrown out. The games were a real treat to the eyes, 'short n sexy' as a friend quotes but for the real cric lovers - neah not the perfect games.

I aint complaining - a) this is the first whole series I have seen in a looooooong long time b) i have a serious crush on Dhoni - I only wish his hair was 'short & sexy'

Neither do I complain about the much controversial welcome these guys got. Common! India needs good sports(wo)men - young and energetic . What this young bunch did I am sure motivates tons of other budding ones.. Keep up the spirit India - I hope you kick the kangaroos ass in the coming series :D - I just hope to get a close enuf glance of Dhoni :D

Monday, August 20, 2007

My india trip so far... would l come back for good?

My readers shud excuse me for writing blogs only when things are going bad. It has been same case with my diary oflate -reasons not well understood.

Anyways, my India trip so far has not been so good. Starting from missing the flight in Frankfurt - its a different point that I flew business class this time - to burning my epilators adaptor this morning. I blame it all on the wierd system US follows. The United Airlines flight did not take off until 3 hrs after the scheduled departure time owing to "Thunderstorms". Thunderstorms - my foot - it was barely raining outside. 3 hrs I was sitting in the flight looking onto the runway wondering how 20-30 flights took off n landed where as mine stood still and why?? - thunderstorms. The US definition of a thunderstorm is ridiculous - there is neither a thunder not is there a storm, no lightning either. Wierdos! I sat there knowing very well that I am about to miss my connecting flight to Hyderabad. That meant staying in Frankfurt airport for a day coz the USELESS united representative could not find me an alternative flight going to India that entire day. I WILL not fly United anymore - that reminds me I shud send them a blasting email later today.

As if this whole ordeal was not enuf, Luftanza lost 1 of my suitcases. This I would not complain abt..a days delay meant the airlines paid me Rs.8000 as compensation. Then life in Bangalore started. Away from family I started work with not many friends around. This again aint crib- worthy - atleast not yet.

Last weekend I was out to watch Chak De with Josh ( for those who know him). The movie and the whole day turned out to be really good. NO cribs about that. Butttttttttt.. I lost my cell phone. Now I dont know if it was a pick-pocketer or if it slipped out of my back pocket somewhere. Tons of phone numbers and countless photographic memories - all lost. If it were me who found the phone - I would ideally return the phone- cash may be I would not, gold . hmm . may not .. but phone yes! wallet yes ! I would put myself in the shoes of a person who lost that and think how much this may be worth it to the owner. Whoever found my phone - as I unsuccessfully tried retracing the path of my lost phone - did not think it worth their time or effort. Sad situation aint it ? Why would Indians be so insensitive ? The same situation in the US would have higher chances of retrieving my lost phone. My friend said that this nature of fellow indians and the system here is what drives the young away from the country. Here is a small example of a lost cell phone - the bigger picture would involve the corruption, the shady politics, the selfish indian mentality. Would we youngsters be forced to be driven away from the country coz we are unable to bear the system? What a shame would that be. I have stayed outside the country or atleast far from all this until now- I am hopeful that I can come back and blend in. Thats the plan - lets see. Yes -thats the answer - I plan to move back. Soon!

The final crib : burnt adaptor. Oh yes! badly torn sole of my favorite sandal also. Anyways, for this - adaptor - I totally blame those wierdos. Why drive on the right when the world drives on the left? Why have doors opening the other way around ? Why say color not colour ? Why elect Bush ;) ? Whyyy make 110V instead of 220V? - Idiots. All my other US products have 110-240V so I assumed my epilator has the same. My bad ? Neah this time I want to blame them for it again. Even before I could yank the cord out coz of the wierd noise my epilator made - BOOM! the adaptor blew. Yet another great start to my day - the best part : I have to buy the whole set cozzz they dont sell adaptors seperately. I checked all other electronics I have - everything 110-240V - just this one was 110-124V - what ridiculous range of voltage is it. They just want me to have a miserable time outside the US. I am not giving in. No! not me.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Random ramblings of a jobless mind ;)

My post you will see is on a very mundane-matter of fact topic. But this idea just clicked my mind, and for the reason of not having anything better to do, decided to scribble about in my blog, which as you must have noticed has NOTHING. But believe me - I have a LOT to write about, most of which is currently in "Draft" status. Ok so here it goes ...

Its very interesting how when one keeps browsing through orkut profiles the single status of one after the other keeps dissapearing :) I guess it is not a big surprise considering the age group of people in question. The more notable stat although is that a very high percentage of these quickly turn into "married". The one thing I can never imagine myself to do though is to decide to live with one person the rest of my life. Whoa, the idea itself scares the life out of me.

The typical pattern seen in Indian profiles is "single"->"no answer"->"committed"->"married" and ofcourse never to return. I too have changed it quite a few times back and forth, for reasons ranging from actually being single to being mad at my ex to being interested in somebody. I always thought I was one of those who knows what exactly I want out of my life. But considering the dissimilarity in patterns - am I the confused one ? Will there be a time when I have to decide and break my random pattern ? Oh no! I am more lost than every before.

[ And being the typical me, save the blog - stop thinking about the topic - and life goes on]

Monday, August 01, 2005

long procrastinated..

So finally here i come to the world of bloggers, after a real long procrastination which is not only due to the obvious reason of my laziness, but also due to the lack of my creativity and imagination of coming up with a good blogtitle, username and the site address(wonder why it prompts for three different ones) and the worst of all-my pathetic memory. I had created three blogs until now whose username or password i dont remotely recall. Anyways ,now that I am finally writing my first blog ,I hope you will get to read more.

I am not a good writer like some of my friends and like some others whose blogs I read without knowing who they are. I am here to write what I think is worth writing about in my not-so eventful life.